How To Stop That Pesky Beard Dandruff

Sir Reginald

Beard dandruff can be on the most annoying and uncomfortable facial hair problems, but don't worry - it is not uncommon. Studies have shown that almost 50% of the human population has some kind of dandruff!

So why do we get it? There's so many different causes, but the main 3 are; dry skin, cold weather and bacteria which can live on the surface of the skin. Don't worry though, we have some tips on how to stop, or avoid beard dandruff.

Clean your skin regularly

Facial hair does attract a lot of dirt and dust. So we should always wash our faces and beards at least twice a day; once when you wake up and once just before you sleep should do it. This will stop your pores from clogging up with dirt and prevent dandruff.

DON'T just use any regular anti-dandruff shampoo!

The biggest mistake that people tend to make when trying to stop the dandruff in their beard is using any old anti-dandruff shampoo (i.e. head and shoulders). This does sound good, however they are designed specifically for your scalp not your beard!

The ingredients in the regular shampoo is no good for you as your beard is way more sensitive than your scalp - which may cause it to irritate even more and cause more dandruff!

Moisturise your beard

To keep your skin under your beard healthy and dandruff-free you should moisturise every day. A good quality beard oil is ideal for this. This will help reach the skin beneath the beard to moisturise it, stopping it from drying out.

Brush/Comb your beard

Almost every guy with a beard I know misses this out, but it seriously is so beneficial! Combing your beard regularly helps keep it clean and stops any ingrown hairs.

It also keeps your beard moisturised, your hands can only reach so far, but when coming after moisturising it will help evenly distribute the product to the areas which need it the most!