What is Beard Oil, and Do I Actually Need It?

Sir Reginald

I bet when we all heard about we asked ourselves, what is it? Well to put it frank it's oil made especially for your beard. It keeps your beard smelling fresh, soft, it even helps maintain those pesky wild hairs and keeps your skin hydrated to stop ingrown hairs. 

So do you actually need bear oil? Hell yes! If you're planning on keeping your beard and skin healthy that is.

I bet you use hair products, moisturises and just have an overall good personal hygiene - beard oil is the same!

You want to have a good looking, nice smelling, soft to the touch beard, don’t you? You don’t want to hear complaints from lovers about a beard rash, do you? Of course you don’t!

When you apply the beard oil, you can put it directly to the roots - or evenly throughout your whole beard. It depends on the beard style you're going for really. You may also want to use beard growth spray if you're struggling to grown your beard in certain areas.

Having a beard is a lot like having a child, if you aren’t prepared to do the work in looking after it then it just might not be for you. If it’s all you’ve ever wanted, though, take the time to do it right. You won’t be disappointed.